Something To Think About…

Wow is all I can say. I to own a small business and most of the time am running it on my own. Emergencies and Family obligations do come up, and I to close the door early. Its true that the owner is the Last to get paid, because I want to make the experience in my office more appealing, or that I pay my VERY hard working agents so they will stay with me and provide the great service that we give our clients.
So, please always remember that the person that closed their door early was gone for a good reason, and didn’t do it to “waste your time”. Thank you for this blog post. it says everything I have wanted to say!

Your Logo Done Here

It took me a couple of weeks to write this post, because I wanted to make sure that I got it right. I had to let it marinate for a minute. After a particularly grueling day, personally, a couple of weeks ago, I came in to the shop to find this note laying on the floor. It had been pushed through the mail slot by someone who was obviously #tickedoff at me for not being here. IMG_5325

At first I got pretty mad and wanted to scream at the faceless, genderless, writer of the note that wouldn’t they really like to know where I was? In the next moment I realized that it was not their fault, and that I “got it.” That person might have driven from way on the other side of Gurnee or Zion to get here, and they had no clue why I wasn’t here…they just knew…

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