Are you Single? Check out Single Cruises

Are you a single person looking to meet people and possible, if your lucky, find your Sole Mate?

SinglesCruise is a cruise dedicated to singles looking at meeting other singles. Here’s some of the great benefits to these cruises:

– Every Group is hosted and has a comprehensive schedule of activities and events.
– They offer Roommate matching and guarantee their double occupancy based price even if they can’t find a roommate for you.
– Men/woman ratio is usually 50/50
– Age eligibility is 21 and above and the majority of people are somewhere between 35 – 55 years old. There will be some younger than 35 as well as over 55, but don’t let      those statistics stop you!
– They do offer several unique age specific cruises as well.
– Cocktail parties are included and amount depends on the length of cruise. Example a 7-12 night cruise has 3 cocktail parties.
– There are Theme nights on each sailing. They encourage everyone to dress for the theme but it’s not mandatory. Some of the Theme nights are Mardi Gras, Angels and    Demons, Hawaiian night, Crazy T-Shirt and Black and White Night.

With lots of activities planned for you and the chance to meet other singles in your age group, seems like a great idea to join on of these cruises!
Vulcan Vacations does sell these cruises, so if you are interested please give us a call or e-mail!2013 singles cruise


Silverback Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

I have always wanted to do the Trek to see the Gorillas! Here are amazing pictures of this travel writer being within touching distance of these beautiful silverbacks!

Confessions of An Intrepid Traveler

Tracking the endangered Silverback gorillas was hands-down one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had as a travel writer. The anticipation of seeing them in the wild was enhanced by the fact that they are very difficult to find. If you fly into Rwanda’s Kigali Airport, it takes a 2.5 hour harrowing drive to the Virunga National Park where the gorillas reside. Afterwards, with the guidance of an expert tracker, you hike between 1-2 hours to a higher elevation in the mountains to find them. A guy with a machete hacks away the gnarly branches along the way…


If there was rain that day or the previous day, you may want to consider hiring a “porter” who will carry your bags, equipment, and help you navigate the muddy incline.


Finally…you reach the gorillas and you are able to watch and take pictures of them for one hour in their natural…

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Our “Traveling Diva’s” Ladies Group

NY Group

Our New York Group

I decided today to talk about Woman Travel and the Group that our Company launched in October of 2012.

I started this group because I had had several woman in our local area talking about traveling alone, why the single supplement stops them from traveling and some just wanting other woman to travel with so they feel safe and to gain more friendships with people that had similar interests.   Several woman that were booking with me had husbands that didn’t like to travel so they would get together and travel as a group.  So the need was definitely there for a group of this nature.

On our trips one of my agents always accompanies the group. We always plan dinner the first night at destination so everyone gets to meet everyone.  The tours change with each destination, some are what the client picks and they do on their own (or with others that are also going) and some are all group tours where we are together more.

I started  with a facebook page and asked people what they thought our group should be called.  After a contest we came up with “Her World Travels”,  We invited people to join our page and it took off from there.  I try and post information that woman would like to see.  Articles regarding Single woman traveling alone, how to pack, and information on destinations. The top four destinations that people wanted to visit were Ireland (one of my top 3 destination I have been to), San Francisco, New York and New Orleans.

Our San Francisco trip was October of 2013.  We had 15 people go and it was so much fun!  New York Trip was June of 2014, and New Orleans is set to go in October.  Ireland is being planned for June 2015.  We have since changed our name and we are called Traveling Divas.  Love the new name!

What do I hope for this group?  That we can have people joining us from all over the world to enjoy destinations as a group and make new friends and feel safe while traveling.  Its been a year and a half and its steadily growing.  Check us out on