Travel Insurance..the ongoing Dilemma

In my 20+ years of experience being a Travel Agent I am still baffled as to why people feel they don`t need Travel Insurance.  Come on people…not everyone is rich enough to pay a huge medical bill if while on holidays something happens.  And just because you are healthy doesn`t mean you might not get hit by a car, or fall down at a resort and break your leg!travel3

So I shake my head and start the process of telling them how very important it is to at least buy Health Insurance.  Cancellation is a whole other process to convince people to get.travel2

There are 3 plans that you can look at buying when purchasing Insurance for travel.  The Deluxe Plan, Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption and Health insurance.

Ideally the Deluxe plan is by far the best.  It covers you for Health, Cancellation/Trip Interruption, Air Accident, and Baggage.  Some insurance companies also cover Cancel for any reason.

The Cancellation/Trip Interruption plan will cover you for cancelling before you go on a trip, and if you are on your trip the trip interruption will cover you should something happen while on holidays and you have expenses like a first class ticket home because you need that, hotel and transportation expenses while down there.  When I am talking to people about the Cancellation I ask them one direct questions.  “Can you afford to lose all the money you put out for this vacation if you have to cancel”  Simple.  It’s a personal opinion on cancellation as a lot of people feel it’s a waste of money.  Well people, it’s a waste of money if you don’t have to cancel!travel1

Health Insurance Plan – This covers health issues while on holidays.  If you get ill while on holidays, it will be covered as long as it’s not a pre-existing condition.  If you are pregnant, and something happens pertaining to your pregnancy, it could be considered a pre-existing condition.  Just one example.

Examples of claims I have had – A young man went to a wedding in the Dominican.  He jumped into a pool and broken his leg VERY bad.  He had always told me he didn’t require travel insurance.  Lucky for him his dad was going on  he same trip and paid for his insurance to make sure he was covered.  Lucky his Dad had some sense.

Another example – a lady went on a cruise to Alaska.  She slipped on the deck and broke her hip.  Luckily she had insurance.

And just a little note regarding drinking alcohol or doing drugs on holidays.  Your travel insurance will NOT cover you if you are drunk or High.  Please remember that!

I will never stop stressing how important Travel Insurance is.  Please keep that in mind when you go to book a Vacation.

Be Safe!

DIY Travel Packing Solutions

When it comes to finding the best of anything, Pinterest is your friend!

I went looking for great ideas to pack necessities for travel in a more compact way.   Anyone that knows me knows that…I ALWAYS have the Heavy sticker put on my bags, on the way TO my destination!  And just a note on that..I don’t expect anyone to carry my luggage.  Even though I would like to be able to travel lighter, I don’t think its possible unless I go down to a size 2 in everything , because then everything is smaller even my 5 pairs of shoes I have to take!

But I do go on short excursions where I could definitely pack lighter and it be realistic.  So here are just a few of my finds on Pinterest to help you pack lighter.

1.  Use empty Chapstick containers to hold emergency cashchapstick

2.  Old Sunglass cases are great to store chargers  Glasses case

3.  A Potholder makes a great Heat safe case for hair tools curl iron

4.  Put toothpaste in a little larger container than the small travel sizetooth passte

5.  Use a contact lenses case for your face creams contact case

6.  Use glad press & seal for individual necklaces glad press

7.  Use a shower cap to cover shoes in your suitcase shoes

8.  Use an empty Tic Tac Case for Bobbi Pins  bobby pins

I am definitely going to use some of these ideas for my travels where I don’t need a lot of creams, etc.  Do you have any great ideas to share with us?

We all want to make those Airline Attendants happy with our luggage!  Have a great Day!!