Air Travel Myths…True or False

I came across an article on the Consumer Traveler magazine and had to share some of it with you. 

There are so much news out there telling us what we have to be careful with in terms of germs etc.  Its hard to keep track of it all!  All I know if that we were a lot healthier 30 years ago than we are now!  And a lot of the issues with traveling are germ issues.  So here is some of the Air Travel Myths and whats true and whats false.

Is the recirculated air in airplane cabins full of germs? FALSE!  That air is circulated through Hospital quality filers getting rid of 95% of the bad stuff.

Seat pockets and tray tables are cleaned regularly?  FALSE  They clean out the trash from the seat pockets and floor whenever possible, but it’s not done thoroughly. Be aware that a lot of disgusting things are put in those seat pockets (nail clippings, soiled diapers, dirty Kleenex etc), so don’t put any of your belongings in there. And clean the Table Tray with a disinfecting cloth. Apparently 60 per cent of the airlines tested positive for the MRSA superbug!    Oh, and those blankets that you get on long haul flights..they don’t get cleaned every time. They simply fold them up and put them back in bags!

Will any kind of Hole in the aircraft eventually tear the plane apart? FALSE  Example: a six-foot hole opened in the roof of an airplane while at 34,400 feet.  Decompression was rapid, but the plane made an emergency landing and no one was sucked out of the plane.

Wearing a seat belt on the plane hurts your chances of surviving a plane crash?  FALSE  It’s true it may slow you down a bit if you are trying to escape the crashed plane, but it does stop you from being sent spiralling through the plane before it crashes!

So there are some things to think about!  Now don’t you feel so much better about getting on a plane!  Have a fantastic week!