DUBAI…An Amazing City

Dubai isn’t a place I thought I was dreaming of going to, or that I ever thought I would have the opportunity to visit, but my husband was fortunate enough to win a trip to Dubai compliments of Emirates Airline and Kompass Tours located in Dubai.

With a few bumps in the itinerary, with us having to fly from Toronto (where we were supposed to fly to Dubai from) to New York because the Toronto flight was oversold.  We arrived there and there is was a huge snow storm arriving in New York threatening that we may not make it out that day either.  BUT we were fortunate enough to be the only plane that took off. 

Emirates Airlines were so gracious in upgrading us to Business Class! And let me tell you…what an experience.  Neither Lorne or I ever thought we would be flying anywhere in business class. What a treat! Full lay down beds with duvet to out under you so its more comfy, all the drinks you want, food was amazing, a bar in the back of the place as this is the double-decker plane that Emirates owns where economy class is on the bottom and Business and First Class AND a bar are on the top-level.
Emirate Airlines is unbelievable. The service, was out of this world. And because I think the world is getting way to casual, it was such a treat to see the Flight attendants (men and woman) dressed in professional looking clothes, their hair was styled (womans up and neat and mens short and clean-cut). The woman’s makeup was impeccable. After talking to one of the attendants, said that Emirates is very specific about the type of people they want to represent their company. It was refreshing to see and hear!
After a very long flight we arrived at Dubai. The airport there is beautiful. Very streamlined and easy to get around in. We were met by a representative Arabian Adventures and taken to our hotel, The Ascot”.
This hotel is located in the middle of the city in the Computer area of the city. Apparently Dubai has different areas designated to different products like Computers, etc. There were small computers stores side by side everywhere with just boxes of computers and accessories in them.
Out hotel was okay, not one that I would send my clients to, but okay. The pool wasn’t heated at all, the food wasn’t great there, the rooms were small, but clean.
Our adventure began in Dubai and we were looking forward to it!