Trip Interruption Insurance..most important!


You’re sitting in the travel agency and you plan this amazing trip, costing you a lot of money (or not) and your travel agent wants more money from you by asking “Do you want Travel Insurance”?  At this point most people say they have it on their credit card or through work.  BUt be warned, the credit cards may not offer what you need.  Most don’t carry cancellation and most importantly TRIP INTERRUPTION insurance.

After taking some extensive training on insurance, and recently on Trip cancellation and interruption I felt I had to share the Trip Interruption benefits with you.

Did you know:

  • trip cancellation only covers you BEFORE you leave on your vacation
  • trip interruption coverage kicks in the minute you open your door to head to the airport.
  • trip interruption covers what might stop you from going on your trip, getting to your destination, while at destination and on the way home
  • Before you get to the flight – things like missing your flight because of a flat tire, traffic, being held up in security or customs, flight cancellation, flight delay and the list goes on
  • When you get to destination – emergency at home and you have to leave, business conference is cancelled when you get there and that’s why you went, you or your travel companions passport or travel visa is stolen and you have to wait at destination until documents can be replaced, a death in the family, and the list goes on
  • on your way home – flight delay due to weather or mechanical issue or just because, etc.

What if you’re on a trip and you fall and break your leg?  Health insurance kicks in for the medical issue, but you miss the rest of your tour.  Trip interruption will pay for the remaining part of the tour and a flight.

trip1 trip2

Trip interruption is there for you when the unthinkable happens.  Coverage kicks in as soon as something happens that interrupts your vacation.  You may not think this coverage is used very often, but realistically it’s used more than cancellation insurance.

All travel insurance is a necessity.  Most people are very aware they require health insurance because of the expense in another country to be in a hospital, but Cancellation and Trip interruption cover your investment in your trip.  Think about it before you go